low cost can drink vending machine compressors for all

Low Cost can drink vending machine compressors For All

JS-001-A is our second upgraded generation of vending machine and delivery Canned beverage ,like coco-cola , beer, seven-up ,etc Our patented function: when you open the pepsi and pour it into a cup, the pepsi can directly frozen into ice like sand. 1. Quality stable equipment 2. 7*24 hours aftersales service support 3.

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low cost automated retail vending machine for all business

Low Cost automated retail vending machine For All Business

MODE: GV25 capsule toy vending machine Panels : Shatterproof polycarbonat e &Plexiglass Panel Coin Mechanism : All metal parts, The front panel chromium plating, suitable for dirrerent countries 1-4 coins, trosion bar and prevent violent damage design Metal Parts : chrome plated Top lid

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